R129 v12 reliability

r129 v12 reliability 7 Seat Leon ST Cupra 280 Honda S2000 De Tomaso Pantera 5. After all you don 39 t plan to use this car anymore to get as fast as possible from A to B. Sep 10 2003 The V12 was created for people who is the least concern about repair bills in the four to five figure digits range. A V12 Built over 12 years with straight six V6 V8 and V12 engine options ranging from 2. Which leaves the R107 s successor as the most affordable SL of all. Mercedes Benz SL Class R129 Reliability Specs You can 39 t get the race inspired Zonda engine Mercedes Benz SL Class R129 Reliability Specs The 190 was rusting mainly due to age rather than design or manufacture amp is the one I regret selling the most. It really is an engineering marvel making this V12 better than any other V12 to date from any manufacturer. Oh and let 39 s not forget the bonkers 7. The m73 v12 makes 325 but it also has tons of torque and low end torque at that. Known as the R129 and launched in 1989 this fourth generation SL was initially offered in 300SL 24 and 500SL forms. Production of the R129 a two door roadster spanned from 1989 to 2002. 14 MPG. 3 litre engine as the Pagani Zonda and other AMG V12 based supercars. High oil consumption. It retailed for 179 720 as of 2005. cries nbsp 18 Mar 2020 R129 SL Mercedes Benz Mercedes Benz SL roadster convertible. But it quickly added power rolling out a 394 hp V12 engine in the summer of 1992 Sep 18 2018 The post facelift twin turbo V12 engines are better too. 13 Nov 2018 This 1998 Mercedes Benz SL 600 V12 R129 is incredibly well engineered and a bargain collectible. 4 . If you are looking at the R129 body go with a later year. W202 C43 AMG. 0 48v M120 S600 1994 400 PS 294 kW 395 hp Mercedes sl r129. Mar 12 2018 1. 374 V8 5. hagerty. 0 litre V12 option in the 600SL. 0 liter V12 is on its way out and this S65 Final Edition will be the very last AMG V12 S Class Sedan. Auto Motor und sport editor Gert Hack ruled once The SL R129 is a technology trendsetter and an universal sports car in one word a fascinating car . Oct 17 2009 reliability w124 Oct 17 2009 1 jaco R129 SL600 V12 In the UK Offside means the the side of the car nearest the driver. Some S Classes were built with these higher displacement engines including the super rare Mercedes S70 AMG with a 7. Offered By Historics at Ascot Racecourse . 1 Year Warranty Enhance Performanc. The M120 V12 was of course the same engine used in the Zonda C12 and CLK GTR. 0 litre V8 and a 3. M120 6. 1 May 2017 Always fancied taking the ultimate plunge on a V12 but never came Car R129 500SL W140 S500L R170 230K 530i Touring ZZR 600 nbsp 15 Feb 2016 If you 39 ve owned any R129 I 39 d love your feedback regarding your thoughts during your Crazy as it sounds but a well kept V12 R129 will actually have a it is the most reliable engine Mercedes Benz has ever produced. 0 L M119 replaced the M120 V12 in the CLK LM race car which then won every race in the FIA GT series which ultimately resulted in the GT1 class being canceled. Because everyone is busy getting excited about the convertibles and the V8s I think the earlier six cylinder versions of this perhaps the most beautiful post war Benz of all look cheap at 25 000 to 35 000. 0 which ranks it 27th out of 32 for all car brands. Impeccable sporty and classy looks. Engine. 300 12 valve 190 bhp 280 12 valve 193 bhp 300 24v 231 bhp 320 24v also 231 bhp pre cat 500 V8 326 bhp catalysed 500 from Sept 39 90 down to 308 bhp then power up again to 315 bhp from May 39 95 600 V12 has 389 bhp AMG SL60 is a bored A mechanics take on the R129 by Bud Cloninger Now I have been dancing around a 129 car without much comment the V12 Roadster. W124 3 cars W126 W123 2 cars R107 2 cars R129 1 car C124 W201 W108 2 cars W111 W210 W107 W114 W140 W113 W109 Welcome to the UK 39 s No. 1998 Mercedes benz Sl class SL 600 Roadster 2D Comparison. The fifth Sep 10 2020 Produced from 1989 2001 it combined timeless elegance luxury and effortless performance with V12 engines available for the first time. 0 litre V12 5. Nov 13 2018. 750. The top of the range was added in 1992 the 600SL with an M120 6. If you plan on replacing only one coil you will need less than 30 minutes. The Mercedes SL R129 is so technically advanced for its time and by comparison the SL R107 seemed to be already an oldtimer in 1989. 00. 389 5200 RPM HP. Online Library Mercedes M104 EngineWatch Jan 11 2020 The M120 was eventually replaced in Mercedes 39 V12 vehicle line up by the smaller lesser powered short lived SOHC three valves per cylinder 5. 4L V12. Aston Martin V12 Vantage coupe 2009 2017 owner reviews. R129 production ended in July of 2001 after 204 940 cars were built. It was an immediate hit and in 1992 Mercedes took the SL even further upmarket with the launch of a 6. During the same era V12 engines were superior to V8s in endurance racing reduced vibrations giving better reliability. This 1993 Mercedes Benz 600SL shows just over 31k miles and is powered by a 6. 5l 5439cc 332cid 1999 2000 Jun 21 2015 Seriously if you go on Mercedes Benz forums and read reviews you will find next to nothing about reliability issues. 5 quarts of oil and some of the earlier models are known for having electronic problems. 2002 Mercedes Benz SL500. com classic mercedes culture 12 cylinder mercedes benz. The 6 cylinder SLs were dropped from the US lineup in 1998 leaving just the V8 and V12. Like the model in these pictures a R129 SL 500 for sale through 4 Star Classics this roof could open and close within 30 seconds all at the push of a button. Rated 4. 3 liter V12 which exotic nature these V12 monsters were utterly reliable and given the same MB vehicles the R129 Roadster or C140 or W140 sedans and coupes. Also try and perform any non maintenance service without stripping half of the front end SL600s are usually cheaper than the same model year SL500 because of reliability and gas consumption. MERCEDES R129 SL 600 V12 394 Hp Facelift 39 98 gt 39 01 Connecting pipe for the stock central muffler Rear exhaust 145x95 Rear exhaust 100 x 75 20200608 A V12 engine is a V engine with 12 cylinders mounted on the crankcase in two banks of six cylinders usually but not always at a 60 angle to each other with all 12 pistons driving a common crankshaft. We are unable to make an assessment for other products and therefore cannot be held responsible for them even if in indi vidual cases an official approval or authori zation by governmental or other agencies should exist. The R129 Series is doing what it was designed to do which is spray hydraulic fluid from the top actuators everywhere and cost you an arm and a leg for parts and repairs. M112 E32 3. The selling dealer acquired the car out of Florida in June 2020 and has since refinished the wheels replaced the tires overhauled the View all 9 consumer vehicle reviews for the Used 2001 Mercedes Benz SL Class on Edmunds or submit your own review of the 2001 SL Class. Aug 03 2017 Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG R230 Review amp Buyers Guide. Power speed comfort and reliability usually comes second when having a 2 seated mostly unpractical convertible. 9 or FlashPro PolarFire v2. This transmission is known not to be as reliable as the four speed. Perhaps one of the bargains of the century and a perfect candidate for our Exotic Car Hacks strategies is the 03 08 Mercedes Benz SL55 AMG often referred as platform code R230 . 0l 5987cc 1998 1999 mercedes benz car cl600 v12 6. 2l Engine Problems and Reliability. People say that the Mercedes Benz W123 is still a good an solid car. We ll have to decide if this lower spec d roadster s price make you Jan 25 2018 The V12 model whilst absolutely sublime to drive can be expensive to maintain. It s smooth cultured urbane forceful in a very understated way MERCEDES BENZ SL R129 will a w140 hard top fit on my r129 Hard tops are hard to find in Australia and im looking for one for my 94 r129 in the philippines and will have to ship it there. I could still be tempted with the right one though. Replacing Mercedes Ignition Coil Packs is easy. 953 2007 CL 63 AMG 216. The R129 was replaced in 2001 by the R230 but the step in technology Unlike the newer V12s in the 03 39 s the 6. The SL73 was previously offered in 1995. Download File PDF M120 Class R129 Reliability 1994 W124 MERCEDES E320 I6 3. Jul 30 2018 Awesome car with awesome reliability bulletproof 12 cyl engine. Since 1954 when the dramatic 300SL Gullwing appeared there have been just four major versions this latest being the fifth performance automobile piston V12 engine family used in the 1990s and 2000s in Mercedes 39 flagship models. High Reliability Perfect Match for the Original Car. To buy one that is less than perfect is a guarantee to ruin you. Last serviced at 25 058 miles in Smithtown NY on 02 27 20 Vehicle serviced Fuel injection system flushed serviced Oil and filter changed Battery charging system checked. The car was based on a shortened. Get in depth unbiased information on the Mercedes Benz SL from Consumer Reports including major redesigns pricing and performance and search local inventory Displaying 5 total results for classic Mercedes Benz SL600 Vehicles for Sale. than 20K. A top speed within a lick of 200 mph means it can outrun more than a few too. 3 releases. This means that the ability to write new posts and access various member features will go away. Or Jun 19 2013 Finally the R129 has the distinction of being the first SL to offer a V12 engine. Then to top it off the R129 is one of the best most rigid well handling safe Reliability well its the most reliable V12 car ever and even more reliable than nbsp The reliability of these units has been demonstrated in cars like the 300TE they may not suit Of note V8 and V12 AMG models also graced the R129 range. 3 litres the R129 came in many forms all of which have their fans. SL R129. Shop millions of cars from over 21 000 dealers and find the perfect car. com . Today it 39 s yours for less than 8 000 and everything works after 140K miles. So it makes financial sense for those who want a fun fast and reliable open Mercedes to consider the R230 Series. 5l 5439cc 335cid 2001 2003 mercedes benz car e430 v8 4. 980 2011 The powerful V8 engines have long been a core competence at AMG the performance brand of Mercedes Benz. 7 liter and For Mercedes S420 S500 S600 SL500 E420 SL600 CL600 Bosch Ignition Coil CSW. Jul 22 2018 The SL600 had its glory days during the 90s. 19 Jun 2013 Finally the R129 has the distinction of being the first SL to offer a V12 engine. 2 V12 models. Dating to 1993 the 600SL later the SL600 features the 6. R129 Mercedes with M120 V12. After lots of research I have decided on the E39 540i with the M62 4. Horsepower. Auction. Sep 22 2018 All R129 engines are fitted with timing chains which normally don t have a specified replacement interval. The last V12 engine in Formula One was the Ferrari 044 in the Ferrari cars driven by Jean Alesi and Gerhard Models of the brand Mercedes Benz. A V12 Mar 25 2020 Not only was its quad headlight design striking to look at but a lot had changed in technical terms when compared with its R129 predecessor a car that had remained in production for 12 years. The results of this review show a favorable outcome for our well proven Advanta V12 balloon expandable covered stent compared to newer devices says Jens Viebke President Acute Care My AMG harem car is a 1 of 85 Mercedes Benz SL73 AMG from 1998 2001 when the R129 has a refresh. 7 litre twin turbo V8 SL500. Model designation R129. From late 1998 to end of production the SL320 had the more powerful 18valve V6 engine. Find 2 425 used Mercedes Benz SL Class listings at CarGurus. Ensure you replace these distributor caps with premium brands and if you own the 500SL there are two distributor caps. Ultimately the R129 39 s character is defined by what 39 s under the hood. 0 litre V12 engine. Beneath that folding top the car s interior is a product of its The Mercedes Benz SL 600 R129 is the top model in the R129 Mercedes Benz SL lineup which was produced from 1989 to 2002. A 389 hp 290 kW 6. In the 1990s Renault V10 engine s proved their superiority against the Ferrari and Honda V12s and the Ford V8. Here you can find such useful information as the fuel capacity weight driven wheels transmission type and others data according to all known model trims. Apr 30 2001 V12 Oil Consumption M70 At some point during the month of August the Roadfly forums are going to become archive only. These engines were available in Mercedes Benz vehicles from 1998 through the end of 2006. 5 litre V8 of the SL63 AMG which can put out as much as 564bhp. 4L V8 or the 750il with the M73 5. Buying a used Mercedes Benz SL R129 produced from 1989 to 2001 https differentcarreview. Mercedes Benz SL 73 AMG R129 1999 was first presented by Mercedes Benz in 1999. The m73 engine is a very simple 2 valve per cyliner engine that is bullet proof compared to a m62 with 2 000 timing chain guides that blow up at 100k every time. Exterior Styling V8 is nice too but V12 is pure music when you hear it rev. More information Saved by Hasan Hasano lu. com 5 out of 5 stars Reliability. V12 6. M120 V12 An absolute beauty this is a very modern engine which nbsp 17 May 2011 I 39 ve also run into V12 S600s that 39 s basically the sedan version of this car I wanted the 39 97 because of the research I did on reliability etc. R129 Mercedes Benz SL 500 carried on the tradition of the fast and reliable grand engine types 6. There are AMG options beyond this to try and snare the supercar set namely the 5. Page 10 23. The timing chains in the R129 are generally reliable except for the M119 plastic chain guides but they will not last forever. Typically Mercedes there was the huge choice of engines from a sweet 2. 8 litre six through the 24 valve 3 litre 300SL 24 right up to the full strength 5 litre V8 with 326bhp itself trumped by a 6 litre V12 pumping out a massive 409bhp. R129 1989 W hen the R129 series 500SL was launched in 1989 it caused a lot of sensation to me. The Mercedes Benz Reliability Rating is 3. they tend to jack up prices on R129 V 12 39 s perhaps just because they can. 0l 5987cc 365cid 1998 1999 mercedes benz car clk430 v8 4. 00 shipping. 0 Liter V12 From This Dealer USD 0 Model Page Mercedes Benz R129 SL SL 600 Roadster 2D. There were initially with three different engines to choose from two 3 litre straight sixes and a 5 litre V8 the latter kicking out 322 horsepower all joined by the 6 litre V12 in 1992 with 389hp. Easy Installation. The engine is petrol. Hoovies Garage 704 189 views. Sep 17 2000 Re 750 M70 V12 Reliability I have a 1989 750 with 67 000 miles and I have owned it since 1989. This 2001 Mercedes Benz SL600 is finished in Brilliant Silver Metallic with a black convertible top over black leather. Additionally find 1996 Mercedes Benz SL500 warranty and reliability information such as limits on bumper to bumper coverage and major components. 8L M137 engine. 0L V12 Page generated Wed 09 09 2020 07 27 35 AM in 0. Bmw Quality and Jun 24 2017 I chose V8 when I bought my R129 SL It was a toss up between the SL500 and the much rarer SL600 but in the end I found my 500 which was utterly immaculate so I went for that. Apr 20 2019 R129 Mercedes Benz 280 320 500 I Bought a Broken V12 Mercedes SL600 for only 5000 Duration 14 19. 0 liter V12 paired to 4 speed automatic transmission. So fun nbsp Value for the Money. 0 and would like to work on FlashPro standalone programming software using STAPL file they can export a STAPL file generated by Libero SoC design suite v12. Mar 22 2019 The R129 SL Class debuted with a 3. But it all started with Feb 21 2009 Hi Stu nice to see you on here . Asked by Huracan_1 Nov 08 2014 at 08 57 PM about the 2005 Mercedes Benz SL Class SL 500. Notice also the plus sign to access the comparator tool where you can compare up to 3 cars at once side by side. W201 E55 AMG. If you get the R129 you will get all of these except the practicality. Aug 21 2013 How much do you drive Do you need back seats How much do you care about reliability How new do you want These are all pretty old and understated most people won 39 t bat an eye 986 Boxster. Then to top it off the R129 is one of the best most rigid well handling safe roadsters ever built. 3 overall out of 5 for model years from 1994 to 2012. Of course that doesn t mean the car isn t without expenses the V12 uses about 10. Dec 18 2019 Mercedes revamped the SL class in 1989 with fresh styling and plenty of tech shipping the R129 in a range of specs over the ensuing 12 years. Weybridge Surrey . owned different exotic cars over the years but once I test drove the R129 SL I just had to have one. Whenever you mention German luxury people will disclose their own tales of woe from owning a German car. 0 litre straight six that was To those doubting the build quality and reliability of Jaguar choosing the In 1992 Mercedes 6. . Australian market. 5070 sec Reliability. 1. The R129 marked the first time that the German carmaker gave one of its sports cars an automatic folding soft top. Mar 30 2020 BMW VS Mercedes Benz Reliability. 1999 SL600 V12 Powerplant similar to 1993 2002 . The R129 replaced the R107 in 1989. A blend between handling and comfort. The only major thing you need to take care of here is the soft top that will deteriorate quicker than the rest of the car. 0 out of 5. Overall the R129 wasn t quite as prone to rust as some of Mercedes Benz s other offerings of the period however imported cars from snowy or humid climates may face exacerbated degradation especially in the rear section. The factory supercharged engine with their reliability safety and special suitabili ty for Mercedes Benz vehicles. Dating to 1993 the 600SL later the SL600 features the nbsp The Mercedes Benz SL Class is a grand tourer sports car manufactured by Mercedes since The R129 model was the first convertible roadster to offer the automatic 1998 to 2001 although the engine was slightly updated to be more reliable. But if reliability and exceptionally strong grievances against noise aren t really your thing if you just want something V12 powered wafty and cosseting you could always look closer to home Advanta V12 iCast has a history of use in over 500 000 patients with its ease of use and reliability discussed in some of over 550 clinical publications. For Mercedes R129 300SL 500SL 600SL SL320 SL500 SL600 Aftermarket Product with Premium Quality. Jul 30 2015 Ultimately the R129 39 s character is defined by what 39 s under the hood. See prices photos and find dealers near you. How To Guides middot Learn About Your Car middot Problems middot Questions middot Recalls middot Reviews middot Troubleshooting Guide middot Encyclopedia middot Car Care Advice middot Reliability Ratings. Feb 21 2009 Hi Stu nice to see you on here . 3 litre engine as the Pagani Zonda and other AMG V12 based supercars. Any overall comments on reliability Some poor unsuspecting schmuck quot I found a super good priced SL600 quot quot This V12 is practically a steal quot buys it. The C250td last of the reliable Mercedes Page 2 General Gassing Sep 16 2015 re r129 sl 72 amg To my knowledge AMG has only ever reported two different V12 R129 cars 1 the SL 70 AMG at 7055 cubic cm 97. Read about typical problems M103 amp M104 engines head gasket failures Biodegradable wiring harness ADS nbsp 8 Apr 2016 I 39 m looking to buy a SL600 R129 and would like to know which year is the to be cool with it and a number also swear by the V12 39 s reliability. 8tt convertible. People said all that and worse I can assure you my 1997 SL320 IS a straight six. 8. INTRODUCTION. 1st owner purchased on 01 23 06 and owned in AZ until 05 25 18 2nd owner purchased on 06 21 18 and owned in AZ until 12 04 19 3rd owner purchased on 12 04 19 and owned in AZ until 01 16 20. The new Mercedes Benz R129 roadster was first introduced into the Australian market with the 300SL and 500SL models with only the eight cylinder variant being available throughout the entire production run of the R129 model 1989 2001. 0 and 7. Well to start with the R129 was powered by a whopping 389 horsepower V12 the very same engine found in the first Pagani Zonda. 2 x 92. Price range 25 000 to 35 000. Apr 19 2016 For comparison s sake that s faster than the Mercedes Benz 600 SL V12 R129 Porsche 944 Turbo Porsche Cayman 2. R129 v12. Mercedes sl r129 2005 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish On this page we have collected some information and photos of all specifications 2005 Aston Martin V12 Vanquish. Combined Fuel Economy. 1996 r129 sl500 2005 slk55 amg 2003 ml500. 3 V12. 3l 4266cc 1999 2001 mercedes benz car clk55 amg v8 5. It is still possible to pick up the 600 but the suspension reliability issues usually deters most people. The early 129 V12 s were very problematic from an emissions stand point ck engine light . 4 out of 5 stars Performance. There is a popular view that the R129 is too slabby and boring to be worth buying. Or if you really must the 6. 0 48V motor offers reliability and endurance like no other Benz motor. Or SL 600. Sep 09 2020 2001 Mercedes Benz SL600 Base Convertible 129. I The V12 engine remained unchanged. r129 sl60 amg The 6. 2L M104 ENGINE MOTOR COMPLETE. Seating. The SL is a series of luxury sport roadsters from Mercedes Benz. For all of your 1994 Mercedes Benz SL600 high performance and racing needs look no further than VividRacing. 0 liter M120 V12 a 48 valve dual overhead cam masterpiece that was conservatively rated at 389 hp. Aug 11 2020 The introduction of Mercedes R129 is thought to instill a new life in to the company. Performance. C6 generation Audi S6 v10. 0 litre V12 of the 630bhp SL65 AMG. 1995 Mercedes Benz R129 SL500. See more of R129 SL Class Mercedes Benz on Facebook. Both C classes w202 were reliable but both rusted in the normal places. Reliability 4. Value for the Money. 1996 2002 Mercedes Benz R129 2001 Present Mercedes Benz R230 V12 Model and Earlier up to 2005 1998 2002 Mercedes Benz W208 2003 2005 Mercedes Benz W209 2000 2006 Mercedes Benz C215 V12 Models only 2007 Present Mercedes Benz C216 V12 Models only 1996 Present Mercedes Benz W463 AMG Models only 2005 2009 Mercedes Benz SLR A V12 engine is a V engine with 12 cylinders mounted on the crankcase in two banks of six cylinders usually but not always at a 60 angle to each other with all 12 pistons driving a common crankshaft. 7. Looking for a Mercedes R129 1994 Mercedes sl 600 V12 38 000 Equipped with the desirable and reliable M119 V8 engine with 322hp the SL500 is nbsp Youngtimer packing a special V12 tweaked by AMG this record breaking they make their creations reliable with beefed up gearbox components and intricate nbsp 3 Sep 2018 then power up again to 315 bhp from May 39 95 600 V12 has 389 bhp AMG warranty repair costs in 2003 Warranty Direct Reliability index index 26 6 2012 R129 SLs have very complex electrics so the older the car is nbsp 11 mai 2020 D couvrez le tableau quot 500 sl R129 quot de Phil Dambi sur Pinterest. quot The V12 Vantage is one of the most exciting Aston Martins ever made. This is the original generation of Mercedes Benz SL AMG. Today you use it more like you enjoy a well aged wine where you savour every sip. Sep 04 2020 Reliability is another strong point. Saab 9 3 2. 500 and 600 and their powerplants range from a six for the 320 to a V12 for the 600. Please note that the 55 AMG designation in this section refers to the normally aspirated engine without KOMPRESSOR on the front wings fenders . So far so good. You can look at any plastic headlamp 2 3 year old Mercedes or any car headlamp and that will finish the rest of that story. The M120 family is built in Stuttgart Germany it has an aluminum engine block lined with silicon aluminum. If you do however like most of us value reliability and down to earth maintenance costs then the SL500 is a much better option and stills packs almost the power and finesse of the V12. 0 x 92. More like 280. Please come and join the R129 SL Class Mercedes Benz group. The SL500 got a new 302 hp 225 kW 5. As the range topping variant of the R129 roadster line at the time the car was heavily optioned from the factory and retailed for over 120k in 1993. The Mercedes Benz R129 series was produced from 1989 until 2001. 9. The worst complaints are accessories interior problems. 0 Liter nbsp 11 Aug 2017 The original AMG SL 72 was available with a modified 7. It 39 s engine has 525 horsepowers. 1996 Mercedes benz Sl class SL 600 Roadster 2D Comparison. I just spotted one on ebay that just may fit but I need some input from you guys. LegitStreetCars took a look at a low mileage CL65 AMG and pointed out the common areas that could potentially go wrong on a C215 of that era. It had the most powerful V12 Mercedes had on offer at the time and the R129 SL is probably one of my all time favorite car designs. Mercedes Benz has produced a range of petrol diesel and natural gas engines. This is a list of all internal combustion engine models manufactured. For 2009 Vantage V12 models Achieve maximum power without sacrificing driveability or reliability by optimizing the engine 39 s air fuel ratios timing and more. 0L V12 Page generated Thu 09 10 2020 03 36 04 AM in 0. 0 liter V12 cars like the W140 and the R129 are the large GLASS headlamps. E46 BMW. 1 Mar 2019 Built over 12 years with straight six V6 V8 and V12 engine options ranging from 2. We 39 ve got the OEM Replacement Parts Pistons Intake Turbo Body Kits Suspension Wheels Tires and every racing and high performance accessory to give your vehicle that extra boost. Please verify Fitment or Application Replacement OEM Original Equipment Part Number 1298209042 1298200642 129 820 90 42 129 820 06 42. With a six cylinder engine and a five speed stick today s Nice Price or Crack Pipe Mercedes R129 is a rare bird indeed. The V8 SL60 which uses a 6 litre 381bhp version of the M119 V8 and was produced between 1993 and 1998 the very rare 1997 SL70 with 7 litre 496bhp V12 and the 525bhp SL73 which uses the same basic 7. com media buying and selling definitive 1990 2002 mercedes benz r129 sl buyers guide The utter silence was really quite eerie as I motored at 95 mph down California 39 s gorgeous Highway One in one of my favorite SLs the R129 chassis SL600 of nbsp 31 May 2017 Starting from the M104 SL280 to the V12 SL600 with the latter being more desirable along with the SL Common R129 Reliability Problems. We set out to extract maximum possible gains out of the V12 Vantage while keeping the operating parameters safely within the confines of reliability and longevity. Or SL 300. Mercedes Benz SL600 Parts. Vastly better looking than previous W107 SL. If you are going to replace all ignition coils 6 coils on V6 8 coils on V8 12 coils on V12 you will need a couple of hours. 0 L displacement and the even rarer S73 AMG Wagon The Mercedes SL R129 is so technically advanced for its time and by comparison the SL R107 seemed to be already an oldtimer in 1989. According to Harry Metcalf it 39 s the most reliable engine Mercedes ever made. Style haughtiness and reliability and three key factors that still make this 1989 beauty popular among classic car lovers in The V12 engine remained unchanged. May 19 2018 R129 more modern more complicated. This Mercedes is in neat and original condition interior paint engine and transmission are all original . Gone were the days when Mercedes made cars solely for dependability the new era Mercedes was not only reliable it was also stylish. No closing assist much firmer seats fewer options. 8 out of 5 stars. It s also a Having added an R129 after driving a W140 you 39 re going to be in for a bit of a shock the R129 is to nearly as luxurious as the W140. No issues of Oct 30 2007 R129 280SL W124 300CE W201 190E W140 600 V12 Mercedes Vs. 0 and 2 the SL 73 AMG at 7291 cubic cm 80. com What is the best engine how good is this car what are the Dec 06 2018 Which brings us to the R129 Mercedes SL built between 1989 and 2001. quot Advertisement. 5 Nov 2018 The R129 is a beautiful car and one that is very popular with collectors engine again which in turn has given it increased reliability and great fuel efficiency. 8 to 7. With the R129 you cherish every ride. The R129 was in the Mercedes range in the late 1990s and early 2000s when the company went through the most damaging period in its history. 1996 Mercedes Benz SL Class 2011 Chrysler 200 2010 Volkswagen Eos 2014 FIAT 500c. Use of such parts and acces Classics on Autotrader has listings for new and used 2003 Mercedes Benz SL500 Classics for sale near you. 7. The SL 65 AMG version offers 604 hp 450 kW from its twin turbocharged 5 980 cc V12 engine at 5500 rpm. Seats 2. The average annual repair cost for a Mercedes Benz is 908 which means it has average ownership costs. Massive V12 engine coupled with a heavy body gives it a ride like no other convertible. Question type General Problems and Faults with the W221 S Class The W221 S Class was the flagship Mercedes during 2005 to 2013 which came in both short and long wheel base including limo variants. Aug 19 2016 I have a question about the reliability of the M73 V12. Even rarer is the SL 70 AMG which was powered by a 7. 14 39 10 quot by 6 39 wide. All these newer cars have plastic headlamps new SLs have plastic hoods some have plastic fenders and more. It cost 153 395 when new 30 more than the V8 powered SL500. 5L Turbo 157. 12 Mercedes Benz SL600 owners reviewed the Mercedes Benz SL600 with a rating of 4. Add to Favorites More. There is The car will be reliable it will feel solid and it will be an absolute joy to drive. Follow this link to learn more about timing chains. A special case is the V12. See More Reviews. 29 Jan 2010 Are the sl500 39 s generally better on reliability Properly maintaining the V12 isn 39 t cheap but if u start off with a low mileage car your out of nbsp Comfort. All of the 1526 SL600s built in 1999 offered two tone paint except red cars and it gives the sleek R129 shape an aggressive edge that makes it look long and sleek. 2. So here was my list of pro s and con s of the R129 Mercedes I hope you enjoyed reading this Now go do yourself a favor and buy yourself an R129 SL 500. The V12 is a car that only a mother could love . 0 liter V8 badged 500 SL. click to enlarge. Has sporting pretensions but no manual option the out dated automatic ruins for spirited driving but that 39 s not what I want the car for. Apr 06 2010 The V12 is shoehorned in the bay and causes lots of problems it also is designed like other German V12s of the day with two MAFs two ECUs etc. 0 liter V12 408hp joined the range and created the new nbsp 14 Feb 2020 Chassis WDBFA76F2WF156542 113k Miles Shown 6. as the V12 was plagued with reliability See full list on theslshop. Styling. First off let me say that all comments are from a mechanics point of view. 0L 48 valve DOHC V12 with 289kW 389hp at 5200 rpm. Since each cylinder bank is essentially a straight 6 this configuration has perfect primary and secondary balance no matter which V angle is used and therefore needs no balance shafts. There was even an SL60 which managed nearly 400bhp from 6 litres of AMG tuned V8. 35 370 views35K views. 5L Turbo 275. Massive V12 engine coupled with a heavy body gives it a ride like no A second facelift followed in 1998 identified externally by the rounded door mirrors and colour coded handles with the long serving straight six engines replaced by V6 units the badging now reversed to read SL280 and SL320 with the V8 now the SL500 and the V12 the SL600. For Mercedes W126 R129 500SL 560SEC SL600 V8 V12 Ignition Coil 221502433 Bosch or exceed OE specifications and are known industry wide for their reliability and Mercedes doesn 39 t replace its premium two seat SL roadster very often. Index of Other Reviews. 2 seconds on their official website 25 though several road tests show that it actually takes under 4 seconds to reach 60 The users working with Libero SoC v12. Although you will probably fit your unused golf clubs while impressing your business friends that most likely are not good at gold either. Mercedes Benz listed a 0 60 mph time of 4. The SL320 replaced the 300SL in the United States in 1995 but the SL280 was not offered. Power is provided by a 6. 1999 mercedes s600 v12 for sale This stunning triple black 1994 Mercedes Benz SL600 was the top of the line machine from the world s most respected automaker and shows just over 70 000 original miles today. Find 865 used Mercedes Benz SL Class as low as 25 777 on Carsforsale. CL 600 216. It 39 s also nbsp ship discussion. Compared to the flagship S series saloons the SL is lighter and generally more sports oriented sharing the same high power engines built in house by Mercedes. I miss that about my W140 when I drive my R129 my son drives it now I miss it You want to focus on 1996 or later models for sure. Jan 12 2018 Standard power from the low mileage M120 V12 has been increased to about 575 horsepower making this thing capable of keeping up with most of the latest fleet of super sedans. Top of the line was the 6 litre V12 cruiser while the AMG models were naturally the sportiest of the lot but for the best blend of performance and appreciation potential we d opt for an SL500. 240. 1998 Mercedes Benz SL Class 2013 Chrysler 200 2013 MINI Roadster 2012 Volkswagen Eos. 3 L AMG M120 V12 and automatic transmission sourced from a Mercedes S73 W140. Sep 03 2018 Buying Guide. 0 and program the FPGA using standalone versions of FlashPro v11. 14 19 Smile JV Mercedes Benz SL500 The R129 SL replaced the much loved R 107 SL in 1989 bringing the SL up to date with class leading safety and technology. It has not been a terrible car in fact reading some of the posts on here mine is pretty good for a 11 year old car. If you are hell bent on getting a V12 Benz get a post facelift model with the M275 engine instead of the older M137. Nov 15 2012 This 1994 Mercedes SL600 R129 chassis is equipped with a 6 liter V12 has a shockingly low 57k miles and is sale for a premium 14k via craigslist in Toccoa GA. Good. Prices have bottomed out. And those are the only two configurations they 39 ve ever reported for the M120 engine in any car R129 C140 or W140 and they put them both in each To those doubting the build quality and reliability of Jaguar choosing the Mercedes SL was no brainer. Christian Enderle Head of Engine and Powertrain Development at Mercedes AMG With the new AMG 4. 0L V12 2002 Mercedes Benz SL600 Base Convertible 129. 1 992 288 members. 0 liter inline six engine badged 300 SL and a 5. The V12 W220 models are very expensive to maintain. 4. The table below shows all 1996 Mercedes Benz SL500 specs by style including MPG fuel economy transmission details and interior and exterior dimensions. The 500 is a V8 but there is the SL600 in the 129 range which is a V12. The nearly 20 year old SL500 is probably the best car I have ever owned and my wife frequently reminds me have owned more than 60 . The R129 Chassis is one of the last of the reliable era Mercedes and was the choice for filthy rich balding men 20 years ago. Reliability. Nov 10 2012 The M62 did not make 325. May 18 2018 Even for the capable at home mechanic the cost of parts alone is eye watering. 0 litre V8 biturbo engine we present a fascinating and powerful sports car engine which also achieves the next step in efficiency due to numerous measures . 3 litres the R129 came in many forms all of which nbsp Your definitive 1990 2002 Mercedes Benz R129 SL buyer 39 s guide www. 3l 4266cc 1998 2001 mercedes benz car e55 amg v8 5. 6 7 8 9 Looking for a Mercedes Benz SL Find your ideal Mercedes Benz SL from top dealers and private sellers in your area with PistonHeads Classifieds. This rating is based on an average across 345 unique models. Or SL 280. How to replace spark plug ignition coil on a Mercedes Benz Tools Required. The first question before you is whether you 39 re open to the six cylinder R129 known as either the 300SL 1990 1993 or the Choose a Mercedes Benz SL R129 version from the list below to get information about engine specs horsepower CO2 emissions fuel consumption dimensions tires size weight and many other facts. As one of the world 39 s largest automotive parts suppliers our parts are trusted every day by mechanics and vehicle owners worldwide. ABOUT THIS ITEM. Or maybe you 39 d prefer the 435bhp output of the 4. Classics on Autotrader has listings for new and used Mercedes Benz SL500 Classics for sale near you. The R129 SLs are also reliable cars where the bigger engines have super strong dual overhead cam axles. From 1993 to late 1998 the SL320 had a 24valve straight six. Service History. The engines were always quite powerful in order to launch the large body from standing and they ranged from a M272 2997cc to Feb 22 2019 AMG boss has already announced the twin turbo 6. 376 V12 5. Bmw M6 Mercedes Benz Cars Cars And Motorcycles Luxury Cars Cool Cars Vehicles Porn Moscow Cartier. Oil leaks. Forget that. 22 Jul 2018 Well to start with the R129 was powered by a whopping 389 horsepower V12 the very same engine found in the first Pagani Zonda. 1995 Mercedes Benz SL Class See 5 user reviews 338 photos and great deals for 1995 Mercedes Benz SL Class. The next variant is contaminated ventilation of crankcase gases. Common R129 Reliability Problems Distributor Caps Early R129 s such as the 300 and 500 suffer damp distributor caps that cause misfires and other gremlins. But you can get it with a V12. 0 liter M120 V12 paired with a five speed automatic transmission. I have been searching for a BMW for quite a long time and have narrowed down what I want dramatically. 4097 sec Reliability. The motorsport side of it was hampered by poor reliability and the road car due to get this V12 engine was eventually cancelled with then TVR owner Peter Wheeler claiming the car was just too Mar 07 2014 The R129 was also the first SL to offer a V12 engine and the first to be offered in an AMG version both features we can 39 t imagine a modern SL roadster to do without. Cela se sent au volant mais l 39 nbsp Mercedes Benz to phase out V12 engines MercedesHeritage mercedesheritage. 0 L V8 for 1999. Mar 01 2004 See instrumented test results and photos and read about the Mercedes Benz SL600 at Car and Driver. Pick your model wisely there will be a huge difference in maintenance costs between an S 320 and an S 600. For 1994 model year there also limited AMG models for Japan which built or sold between October 1993 to September 1999 in left hand drive. The weak point in the M112 is the seal of the oil heat exchanger. 22 Sep 2018 R129 Specs amp Wheel sizes. Problem with your 1991 Mercedes Benz 500SL Our list of 26 known complaints reported by owners can help you fix your 1991 Mercedes Benz 500SL. Ces indications sont dans le livre cit plus bas le catalogue de la Mercedes SL R129 dans Auto Hebdo dont j 39 ai photocopi l 39 article de pr sentation de cette nouveaut Mercedes l 39 poque de sa publication dans La l gende Mercedes Benz N 18 ditions Altaya pages 1 7 Mercedes classe SL R230 2001 2013 Mercedes Benz Classe SL R230 Marque Mercedes Benz The SL500 continued with the same powerful engine. Performances et reprises au rendez vous mais le SL 600 frise les 2 tonnes. The 1998 Mercedes Benz SL500 has 31 problems amp defects reported by SL500 owners. Many people reckon you are better with the 500 which IIRC is actually faster but not so refined as the V12 is basically two M103 39 s joined together with two distributors etc and more items to service possibly go wrong . While there were several V8 and V12 variants the most refined of the model nbsp 9 Nov 2014 However despite the complexity Metcalfe praises the over 20 year old Mercedes 39 reliability. This is the hot topic whenever there s a discussion between BMW Mercedes Benz and even other German brands like Audi and Volkswagen vehicle reliability or lack thereof. Exterior Styling If you are looking at the R129 body go with a later year. Six cylinder cars probably the most sensible. R230 I 39 d have to go for the AMG maybe the SL600. Kleemann offers a complete engine tuning program for the normally aspirated Mercedes Benz M113 V8 engines. Mercedes 220SE Coup . The R129 replaced the More. Buy it drive it and don t bother opening the hood in between services. ENGINE 4973cc DOHC 32v V8 POWER 235kW 5600rpm TORQUE 470Nm 3900rpm Of note V8 and V12 AMG models also graced the R129 range. For example the Mercedes Benz SL R230 was the first SL with a fully retractable metal roof instead of the fabric folding top usually found on roadsters. a decade after its introduction The languid V12 never appears to work that hard. 987 Porsche Cayman. The cause of the severe oil consumption is often the wear of valve stem seals. M120 V12 ENGINE AND GEARBOX LOW MILES IDEAL KT CAR OR UPGRADE at the Mercedes Benz SL Class R129 Reliability Specs Page 12 27. The V12 model whilst absolutely sublime to drive can be expensive to nbsp 27 Oct 2015 No car resembles 90 39 s pop culture with such status as the R129 series of 6 litre V12 powered SL600 wasn 39 t offered here Mercedes was built to last Longevity reliability and a very comfortable interior are by no means the nbsp 16 Jun 2017 The R129 Series is doing what it was designed to do which is spray hydraulic fast and reliable open Mercedes to consider the R230 Series. Mercedes r129 wikipedia. We have full information about 11 modifications of Mercedes Benz SL AMG. R129 supercharger R129 SL60 AMG The 6. With cold weather creeping into larger parts of the nbsp 21 Feb 2016 The near 500 horsepower V12 Mercedes Benz SL600 produces more issues than the M120 is the M120 actually being the most reliable engine The only big issues with the R129 is the ADS I suspension but smart nbsp Avec son V12 de 6 litres il d veloppe 395 ch. Overengineering at its best with the smoothest V12 ever 3 Owners. It is hard to work on a v12 for the space. 076 6. Wow I could have had a V 12 Every SL500 owner with a pulse lusts after the V12 SL600 made from 1993 through today. Interior Design. Torx Bit Set mercedes benz car cl600 v12 6. Naturally it was bored and stroked for those applications and made with slightly upgraded internals. 1985 W123 230E amp 1994 R129 SL500 For One of the aspects of the 6. 0 L V12 SL600 topped the range in 1993. Bmw Quality and Reliability Mercedes Vs. The R129 was the last SL with a detachable hardtop and for many Mercedes fans the last to be built to the marque 39 s legendary standards of construction. Head Gasket issues have been reported which is an engine out job and many thousands to fix. Service history is important if you are looking to retain future value. Sep 10 2020 2001 Mercedes Benz SL600 Base Convertible 129. r129 v12 reliability